Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yay internet!!

So my  computer decided to kill over a couple weeks ago, thinkin the kiddo's might have sabotaged it. My fault for leaving it down but still...Grrr...So two weeks with no computer, and that means no internet. Aaghhh!!! Not cool, I seriously had withdraws hahahaha!!!! Buuuttt....duh da da daaaaa....I'm back!!!! Yay!!! Really not cool to loose internet when I just start a blog!! So those who started following me since my last post, and those who have commented I am sorry for not following back, but I am going to visit you guys' blogs right after this post.

So a brief summary of the past couple weeks.....

Really not much has happened. I did have to go back to the hospital to get my contractions stopped again, this being the third time. Baby Jake is just in a hurry to get here!!! Only five more weeks if we make it that long!!!

My Mr. Independent has started pre-1st grade. He didn't exactly get held back in kindergarten, but didn't get to go to 1st grade either. In kindergarten, he had a few problems at the second half of school due to acting up and refusing to do work. We think it had to do with his brain tumor he had removed last Sept. but still not sure. We try not to blame things on the tumor and let him slide. (The tumor by the way was not cancerous, and was easily removed. Still a tough time, but no where near what it could of been.) Anyways, if he does well, they may bump him up to 1st grade in a few months. We shall see. Its kind of frustrating on the parent side, vain I know, to have him held back at all. He is such a smart kid, and always has been. He started just about all the learning stuff early as toddler. He could count to twenty, knew his ABC's, and colors and basic shapes by two 1/2. But he is not upset by this, and considering how bad the first half of the school year went, neither are we.

Diva Queen was suppose to start her homeschooling for kindergarten last week, but with most of my lesson plans on my computer, along with the work sheet, it got postponed to the week coming up. She was a little disappointed, so we did do some reviewing. And during this reviewing, I have found out that my youngest is already farther than I had thought. We where going through the ABC flash cards to see where we were at on our letters by sight. With Diva queen spending summers with her mother, we tend to have to start everything over when she gets back. Anyway, crazy man comes up and says, "My turn!" So I put the letters in order and show them two him. He named all but 2. So I thought maybe it was cause they were in order. He knows the songs, and a few letters, but I didn't think he knew almost all of them! So I shuffled them up, and he named them all again, missing the same two. I was astonished!!! And it was funny because one of the letters he missed was "N", but not entirely, because when I showed it to him, he's made the n sound and said "Nest". One of his favorite toys is his toy laptop. I always thought he just pushed buttons and watched the pictures, but apparently he soaked it right up!!!

So anyways that's about it other than day to day normality.

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