Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Kindergarten Week

So now that things are starting to settle down a little around here, I am gonna try and start doing my post on what we are working on this week with Diva Queen. I pull almost everything I do off the internet on free sights that I find and list them here. Maybe someone else out there is like us, and likes to homeschool, but can't afford to buy pre-made curriculum. Everything I post is free!

So here's what we are planning this week:

Our letters this week are Q and R
I used our workbook purchased from Walmart for our writing practice
I use BeginningReading.com for our worksheets to go with each letter. Our favorites are the picture finds where she circles the picture that start with that letter, and the letter finds where she finds the letter among other. We pretend they are games, and see how fast she can find the correct ones. Here are the ones for Q. These are from Alphabet set 2 and 4 in the free worksheet section.

We also watch the alphabet videos from Have Fun Teaching. All three of my children love these!!
Here is the one for Q

We are also starting beginning readers and sight words this week, I found this great website that has free printable easy reader books, and each one focuses on different sight words. It's called Hubbards Cupboard and this link takes you directly to the sight word booklets. I haven't had time to explore the entire site yet. We are starting with the "At School" booklet, which reviews the sight words "we" and "will".

Our Nursery Rhyme for the week is "Hickory Dickory Dock".  I found a video on youtube that my kids enjoy. It's so cute seeing crazy man singing along. We'll also do a color page I found at Kids Stuff and Things. It is from the Book1 color book download. (You have to register to get the free downloads)

So far we have gotten up to 20 in our numbers, and Diva Queen still has problems recognizing a few of these. So this week we are just reviewing all the numbers and playing games to help them stick. We like to count pom poms, play memory games, and some online games. Kol Jr. has some cute games. Diva Queen really likes the Dot-to-Dots which help her with counting.

We also plan to be doing alot of Halloween crafts, which I will post as we do them.

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