Friday, March 18, 2011

Conversation With My Three Year Old

Here is a conversation I had with my three year old while he was outside playing, It was soo funny, I thought I would share.

Crazy Man-Look a rooster in the tree!!!

Me-/A rooster?

Crazy Man- Yes! A rooster, in the tree.

I see nothing in the tree, but do hear some kind of bird from that general direction.

Me- You mean a bird? Do you see a bird in the tree?

Crazy Man- Nooo, not a bird, a rooster! A rooster, rooster from the Naked Center (by this he means Nature Center cute huh!?!)

Me- Oooohhh, you mean an Owl. Like the one in the cage at the Nature Center? (Our local Nature Center has a rescued owl with one eye)

Crazy Man- Yeesss a Owl!! Look, in the tree, a owl rooster.

Me- *Face in palm* Cool, I must have missed it.


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  2. I love what kids come up with!! Too funny!

  3. Little ones say the best things, don't they?
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  4. That was cute!! Kids say the cutest things!

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  8. lol owl rooster. how cute!

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