Thursday, March 17, 2011

Proud Momma!!!

So just a few things I am proud of today!!! Baby J rolled over from back to belly!!! Yessss, isn't that awesome. That's the hardest turn, cause their little arm are always in the way. Soooo proud. He turned from back to belly at 4 months, and now a month and a half later, he's goin the other way. I thought it was a fluke at first, or I had forgotten which way I had laid him. I put him in bed with me, then had to get out to help hubby find something. When I got back, Baby J was on all fours grinning at me! So I thought I put him on his back, but wasn't sure, you know how mommy brain is. Then after our early morning nap of an hour or so, Diva Queen crawls in bed with us to say she was awake, and started to play with J. Then he did it again!!! It was sooo awesome, and you can tell he is sooo proud of himself. He was giggling so hard!!Then this afternoon, while playing on the floor, he tried to sit up!!! He as been trying all week, but today he completely lean back with one foot in the right position, but while trying to get the other one under him, he got stuck. I was sooo funny!!! He didn't think so though, and started screaming at me to come and help.

Also I got Diva Queen signed up for Girl Scouts yesterday, and just waiting on a call about a local group. I think she will enjoy it. It will give her more little girls to play with. She is soo excited!! I can't wait for our first meeting!! So anyone else out there with girls in Girl Scouts? I was in it one year back when I was in the 2nd grade, but that's all.


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  2. Diva Queen is going to love the Girl Scouts!

    Three of my five daughters are Girl Scouts this year. I signed my 5 year old up in the Daisy's so that she could make a few friends. She is a little on the shy side, so I thought this small setting would be great for her. So far, it's been wonderful. She has made two really close friends out of the bunch, and the rest are fun playmates, too. My other daughter, who is 9 and in her second year in the Girl Scouts, has made many friends in her troop as well. And my oldest daughter just turned 18, and she is STILL a Girl Scout! She is a senior cadette and this is her last year. She has been with the same troop, the same group of girls, since their Brownie Troop formed in the FIRST GRADE!! Can you believe that? The same group of girls! They are so tight. Over the years her troop has gone on many camping trips, gone to San Francisco, and last year they took a 5 day trip to New York City. She has made her very best friends from the girls in this troop.

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    And thanks for the compliment. I do enjoy being pregnant, even though this one is much harder than my first..

    Bows: have fun with it and don't be afraid to try new things. I always saw a cute bow online or something that I thought I couldn't do, then when I finally tried, it worked out :)
    What types of bows are you looking to make?

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