Saturday, September 18, 2010

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 I love Tim Hawkins!!!!! He is soooo funny, and you don't have to worry about bleeps every five seconds :)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Catch Up

Sooooo I disappeared again. I really haven't been feeling well this past week. These last two weeks of my pregnancy just seem to drag on and go by sooo slow. Only one more week!! Fri. Sept. 24 baby Jake will make his my anticipated appearance!!! The kids are so excited, and I'll be glad when they stop asking if he is coming today every time I go to the doctor's LOL!!! Not much has happened around here. I kind of do very little. Poor hubby!! He will be so glad when I am back to my normal self! And so will I!!! He is absolutely the best husband ever!!! He works during the day, comes home and cooks, then gets the kids of to bed in the evening. How could I ask for more? Unfortunately cleaning is not his strong point, and while I try not to complain, I can't wait to become "Mom" again, and have my children in the clean and tidy environment they are used to.

As far as updates on the kiddos:

Mr. Independent has lost 3 teeth between Sat. and Wed.!! Poor guy, two got "almost" knocked out by a baseball while him and his cousin were playing catch this past weekend. They were knock really loose, so I pulled one and he pulled the other. Then he pushed another one out Wed. I think the poor kids gonna be toothless by Christmas!!! LOL!! Also his father has enrolled him in Karate, and he has been running around "teaching" his siblings moves!!!

My Diva Queen is still loving Homeschool, although the excitement is starting to run thin. The excitement of writing new letters has turned into work, so I have to keep her focused and motivated. But she still wakes up asking when we are starting school:)

And Crazy Man is just that!!! CRAZY!!! He goes from my precious little boy to tantrum throwing, crazy wildman!!! I am worried of how he will react to the new baby. HE is used to being the baby!!! I guess we will see!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Advise Please!!

So I pose a question to all Homeschool Moms. My daughter is in the Kindergarten level, and right now in "Math" we are working on our numbers. We have 1-5 down and are working on 6-10. Now, when she is counting object she can count them all fine, its just recognizing numbers 6 and 9. Now I don't mean she mixes them up, cause that would be totally understandable, but when she sees either of them she just draws a blank. She completely shuts down. We have been working on the two for two weeks now, and not getting any better. I had planned on being on 11 and 12 this week but I'm not sure if I should. My husband's advise is to just move on and come back later. Should I do this, or should I just keep on this until she gets it. I don't want to move on and it get lost farther, but I don't want to stay on it and burn her out completely either.

I also would like your opinion on a couple other issues also. My husband is Dyslexic and has adult ADD. He might have had ADD as a kid, but it was never diagnosed. I worry about my daughter with these issues. Can either of these be diagnosed this early? She is slow to pick up some things, but the last thing I want to do is "label" her. She is only 5! and I know concentrating is hard at this age no matter what. We keep our school time short, the time depending on her temperament.
I'm not too worried right now, but I know know these two issues can possibly be passed down.

Any advise on all these issues would be gratefully welcome!!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Kindergarten Week

Our week is going to be pretty simple. With me being sick the past few days, plus just drain of energy with the whole prego thing, I don't really have the patience or energy two do too much this week. We are doing our Letters and Math, we are just skipping our Social Studies I had planned, and probably the planned extra's.

Our letters this week are Gg and Hh. With worksheets from  and from our workbook.

We are still working on 1-10 on our numbers, and mostly focusing on 6 and 9 because Diva Queen has a hard time remembering these. We are doing a couple worksheets from the above link, the counting set 6-10, and playing our Counting Caterpillar file folder game, from and other fun number games we make up. 

Our basic skills for this week are same, different, above and below, and between. All come from our workbook, then if we have trouble with any of these, then I will find other resources. 

Our Rhyme of the week is Humpty Dumpty. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yay a blog button!!!!

I finally have figured out how to make my blog button!!! Yay me!!! So all interested can grab it!!!

An Angel Lost

I just had a friend lose their baby. He was so excited to become a father. He and his wife have been so excited for the last 9 months. There were no signs of trouble. As with any pregnancy, excitement mounted and the proud papa waved his ultrasound pics around. The baby was born sick. I'm not sure as to what happened but he fought for his life for a week, before passing on. This is a salute to young Ryder Thomas and his wonderful and brave parents. They made the brave decision to donate little Ryder's organs. I know God always has a plan, and although it is a horrible tragedy that such a young live is lost and his parents must go through such agony, good will come out of this. Little Ryder will save lives! Lives of other young babies whom other wise would not survive if it weren't for him. So God Bless You Ryder Thomas, and God bless your brave, courageous parents!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Snaps of This Week

Working on our letter of the day

Our Word Wall

Crazy Man working on his farmer puzzle

E is for Elephant

Diva Queen working on her Five Sense Mask

The mask is finished, and very creepy! It has the five senses listed on the parts of the face.

With glasses on

I also have pics of Diva Queen and Crazy Man playing with the edible peanut butter playdough, but bad me left the memory card out of the camera. I can't find my cord to the computer, so they're kind if stuck. But Diva Queen made very good F's out of it, while Crazy Man mostly asked me to make him balls and ate them!!