Thursday, September 9, 2010

Advise Please!!

So I pose a question to all Homeschool Moms. My daughter is in the Kindergarten level, and right now in "Math" we are working on our numbers. We have 1-5 down and are working on 6-10. Now, when she is counting object she can count them all fine, its just recognizing numbers 6 and 9. Now I don't mean she mixes them up, cause that would be totally understandable, but when she sees either of them she just draws a blank. She completely shuts down. We have been working on the two for two weeks now, and not getting any better. I had planned on being on 11 and 12 this week but I'm not sure if I should. My husband's advise is to just move on and come back later. Should I do this, or should I just keep on this until she gets it. I don't want to move on and it get lost farther, but I don't want to stay on it and burn her out completely either.

I also would like your opinion on a couple other issues also. My husband is Dyslexic and has adult ADD. He might have had ADD as a kid, but it was never diagnosed. I worry about my daughter with these issues. Can either of these be diagnosed this early? She is slow to pick up some things, but the last thing I want to do is "label" her. She is only 5! and I know concentrating is hard at this age no matter what. We keep our school time short, the time depending on her temperament.
I'm not too worried right now, but I know know these two issues can possibly be passed down.

Any advise on all these issues would be gratefully welcome!!


  1. Hi there...thanks for the follow and linking up with us today for TFAG! I have been following you for awhile.

    Here is my 2 cents on this. Both of my kids (especially my daughter) transposed,missed and could not recognize her #'s all through Kindergarten and half way through 1st grade. I was concerned too. As I talked with many teachers, they say this is so common and they will get it. There little brains see things differently and have to process harder. My daughter is in 5th grade and my son is in 2nd grade and they both grew out of I wouldn't worry about it all...I think it's very normal!

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  3. We homeschool too. I would suggest maybe integrating 6 and 11 this week and then 9 and 12 the following week! I would honestly not worry too much right now. If you put too much emphasis on it, she might shut down to those numbers and that wouldn't be good. Give it time and I'm sure she'll come around!
    Best of luck!

  4. Honestly ... sometimes when I repeat too much with my daughter she freezes up... sometimes I have to just throw in the towel and move on .. but I keep the numbers and letters posted up and occaionally point at them ... move on and shell be fine ... as for the add/dyslexia is usually about age 7/8 that it really becomes noticable (but of course some are earlier/later).

  5. Thanks all of you for your input!! We did just decide to move on, and I'll occasionally go back with our flash cards. She did great with 11 and 12!