Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sight Word Games

So today I have been looking around the web to find some fun ways to practice our sight words. We have a workbook we do everyday that introduces new sight words on the front half, and reading sentences practice in the back half. We do three new words every week, and sentence practice everyday. I also have a little game that I put together that we play. I have all the words she learns written on the large popsicle sticks, and we are always adding new words. I show her the popsicle stick, and if she gets it right, she keeps it, but if she misses, I keep it, and she can't sound it out. Then whoever has the most wins, and she loves to beat me ;p. I like her not being able to sound them out, so she will say the word right out since she knows it. She is getting better and better at her reading, but she tends to sound out words she already knows, therefore slowing her down. I am a major believer in phonics, for without it, new words are hard to learn and pronounce, but I also believe in learning to read everyday words by sight so that reading goes more smoothly in the beginning. So anyways, back to the whole web search thing, I didn't find much, at least that looked fun, but I did find this one sight that has quite a bit of printable games to play with sight words. It's at Kelly's Kindergarten: tp://

My only problem is everything that I find is for multiple players, and I am the only one playing with Diva Queen, so I need to find games that don't require me answering questions too. Because of course I'm always going to get them right. Does this make sense? I am finding it hard to word that. Mommy brain strikes again!!

So, I am still searching, although a few of the games on that sight did seem promising, I want to always keep things fresh, so they don't get boring.

Any suggestions, I'm ears!! 

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