Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Not So Perfect Homeschool

So our first year of homeschool is definitely not going as planned. I had such high hopes at the beginning of the year, and at first, I did everything as planned. We did phonics, math, art, some music, and dabbled in some social studies and science. We started school everyday at the same time, and stayed on schedule throughout the day. Even after the baby was born (once  I was better and healed) we returned to our routine. After a month or so I dropped the social studies and science lessons, using children books and normal reading times for our social studies, and decided to save science for the summer. Music was lost, and we only did art once in a while. Then after Christmas things just blah!! One the baby has started to be awake more, there for needing me more. Another is Crazy Man seems to be fed up with all the attention Diva Queen is getting, and while I try to include him when I can, or finding activities for him, he wants none of it! Then there is the now remodeling, and we're all just in a slump. I find myself wishing the year to be over so that we can start new next year. As of now, we're down to just our phonic/sight word workbook and math. Oh and I do make sure she reads aloud to me at least sometime during the day!! Yay me!! It is only kindergarten right? And the main thing is she has fun being a kid? Right!!???!! Uggh!!! Then why do I still feel like I failed :(

So I pose a question: Did your first year of homeschool go as planned? Here's another one: How did you cope with having an infant and a wild toddler/preschooler plus trying to do school?
(Ok! So that should be QUESTIONS instead......don't judge me.....I have frazzled mommy brain.)


  1. I think you are so brave homeschooling.
    The idea is great and just keeping up with homework after regular school is a challenge.

    I found you on the blog hop and am following you!

    We have a kid friendly and educational blog, please drop by, maybe there is a point of interest for you!!

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