Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We've finally started remodeling our house. Who ever built it did a very bsd job, and sooo much has got to be done. We have started in the bathroom, which was the worse, and even turned out to be worse than we thought. We have replaced the ancient tub which was peeling and rusting on the outside. Under the old tub was nothing but rot!!! So now not only were we replacing the tub, we now have to replace the entire floor!! It is a horrible mess. We also have to re-sheetrock the walls behind the tub because they had several mildew spots. It is a work in progress, and hubby is doing a wonderful job!

Next will be the kitchen, which the floor will be retiled, and I would like the cabinets to be redone. Also the washer and dryer hook-ups are right beside the stove, which I hate sooo bad!!!

Then we will get to the livingroom. We plan on recarpeting and painting it. We're also talking about adding recessed lighting. My brother-in-law has it in his house, and my husband loves it!! It will give the lighting a more even look in the room. Our living room is long, with a fixture on each end.

After that, we will just go in to the individual room and add new paint and carpet.

It will take a long time to get done, but hopefully the outcome will be well worth it!!


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  2. Remodeling is fun but tedious. It does give you the opportunity to give your home your own style and personality.

  3. Hey there. I'm also a mom, teacher, and student- all at the same time!

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  4. Good luck with the remodel!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Happy to return your follow!

  5. good luck with the remodeling.... it's always a pain in the midst of it... but soo nice when it's done;)

    I'm visiting from a blog hop and saw that you're homeschooling a K/1-er.... got a similar situation with my son:)

  6. Hi. I came to visit your blog re: CSN's giveaway or review. I'm doing one tomorrow. I figured by reading this you must be doing a review.

  7. I admire anyone who has the patience to get through a remodel ... it is certainly trying ... and messy ... and expensive ... and did I say trying. But oh ... when you are done ... you'll have something special! :-)