Monday, June 20, 2011

First Grade Science(Living and Nonliving things)

This year I am going to try out the science curriculum from The Lab of Mr. Q. You can download the Life Science for free!! It comes with both Student and parent copy. If we like them we will continue with his other books. I am searching the web for add ons to go with each chapter to tailor the learning to Diva Queen's needs. I may or may not use what I find, but i thought by storing my findings here on my blog, they will be more easily accessible. Plus you guys out there might find these links useful too!!

Ch. 1 Living and Nonliving Things

Here are some worksheets that I have found. The science book contains worksheets to go with every chapter, but most seem a too hard for Diva Queen, so I found some a little more fun.

Have Fun Teaching

Worksheet Place