Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Angel Lost

I just had a friend lose their baby. He was so excited to become a father. He and his wife have been so excited for the last 9 months. There were no signs of trouble. As with any pregnancy, excitement mounted and the proud papa waved his ultrasound pics around. The baby was born sick. I'm not sure as to what happened but he fought for his life for a week, before passing on. This is a salute to young Ryder Thomas and his wonderful and brave parents. They made the brave decision to donate little Ryder's organs. I know God always has a plan, and although it is a horrible tragedy that such a young live is lost and his parents must go through such agony, good will come out of this. Little Ryder will save lives! Lives of other young babies whom other wise would not survive if it weren't for him. So God Bless You Ryder Thomas, and God bless your brave, courageous parents!!!


  1. What a terrible loss, my heart and prayers go out to his parents.


  2. I am always so sad to hear of any child lost. I can't imagine the pain this family is going through. I hope they are able to find peace in his little life.