Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Kindergarten Week

Our week is going to be pretty simple. With me being sick the past few days, plus just drain of energy with the whole prego thing, I don't really have the patience or energy two do too much this week. We are doing our Letters and Math, we are just skipping our Social Studies I had planned, and probably the planned extra's.

Our letters this week are Gg and Hh. With worksheets from  and from our workbook.

We are still working on 1-10 on our numbers, and mostly focusing on 6 and 9 because Diva Queen has a hard time remembering these. We are doing a couple worksheets from the above link, the counting set 6-10, and playing our Counting Caterpillar file folder game, from and other fun number games we make up. 

Our basic skills for this week are same, different, above and below, and between. All come from our workbook, then if we have trouble with any of these, then I will find other resources. 

Our Rhyme of the week is Humpty Dumpty. 

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