Friday, September 17, 2010

Catch Up

Sooooo I disappeared again. I really haven't been feeling well this past week. These last two weeks of my pregnancy just seem to drag on and go by sooo slow. Only one more week!! Fri. Sept. 24 baby Jake will make his my anticipated appearance!!! The kids are so excited, and I'll be glad when they stop asking if he is coming today every time I go to the doctor's LOL!!! Not much has happened around here. I kind of do very little. Poor hubby!! He will be so glad when I am back to my normal self! And so will I!!! He is absolutely the best husband ever!!! He works during the day, comes home and cooks, then gets the kids of to bed in the evening. How could I ask for more? Unfortunately cleaning is not his strong point, and while I try not to complain, I can't wait to become "Mom" again, and have my children in the clean and tidy environment they are used to.

As far as updates on the kiddos:

Mr. Independent has lost 3 teeth between Sat. and Wed.!! Poor guy, two got "almost" knocked out by a baseball while him and his cousin were playing catch this past weekend. They were knock really loose, so I pulled one and he pulled the other. Then he pushed another one out Wed. I think the poor kids gonna be toothless by Christmas!!! LOL!! Also his father has enrolled him in Karate, and he has been running around "teaching" his siblings moves!!!

My Diva Queen is still loving Homeschool, although the excitement is starting to run thin. The excitement of writing new letters has turned into work, so I have to keep her focused and motivated. But she still wakes up asking when we are starting school:)

And Crazy Man is just that!!! CRAZY!!! He goes from my precious little boy to tantrum throwing, crazy wildman!!! I am worried of how he will react to the new baby. HE is used to being the baby!!! I guess we will see!!


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