Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Kindergarten Week

Our letters this week are "U" and "V". As usual we will be using our workbook for letter practice, and the worksheets from Beginning Reading, alphabet sets 2 and 4. We watch the alphabet videos from Have Fun Teaching. All of my kids love these!!! Here is the one for U....

I found a small project we will be doing to practice putting our letters in order. It is a snake that after you glue all the letters in order, you cut out the snake, and it's a twirly decoration you can hang from your ceiling. I found this at This site has a lot of great printable games and activities for letter practice, phonics, story boards, and more!!!

We are continuing working on rhyming this week as Diva Queen is still having trouble with this. I found this great website ( offers TONS of free worksheets on many subjects, and for all grades. Many are very colorful, and fun to do. I found many on rhyming! I also found a printable rhyming matching game at Kizclub.

We are going to do two readers this week, a mini book "Halloween Night" (I can't remember where I found this one) and "Trick or Treat" from Hubbard's Cupboard. This sight has tons of emergent readers!
Our sight words are "I, a, see &

For math we are continuing working on simple addition, in which I make my own worksheets because I haven't found any I like yet, and count objects and writing the correct number. We are also playing different games to practice counting. One is called Frog Math, a printable I found at Child Care Land, A number is placed on the frog's belly, and the child counts out that amount of flies for the frog to eat! It is very simple but cute! This site has many free printables for games and storyboard. I haven't had time to check out the whole site yet. Another game we will be playing is a Fall Leaf number game. I halfway made this up myself. I got the idea from a lesson plan I saw on The one I found was to use paper acorn patterns to use to learn double digit numbers by sight, where one set is numbered 1-9 and the other 0-9. You call out a number and the child makes it with the correct digits. Well I decided to do the same, but on fall leaves! I found a simple leaf template and copied it on construction in fall colors. Like the acorns, I numbered one set 1-9 and the other 0-9. Then I let my daughter scatter them all over the floor, making sure they were face up so she could see them. I call out numbers 1-20 (that's as far as we have gotten so far) and she finds them, using two leafs to make the double digits. When she finds the number we cheer super loud and do a dance. We have played this once and she loved it!! I will post a picture when we play it again this week.

For science we are learning about the 4 seasons. I still have to go to the library and find books. I have found a printable fall puzzle and a lot of fun worksheets at

Well this is the plan for this week!! Hope this is helpful to someone. I want to be able to show other mom's who want to homeschool that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for expensive curriculum (at least for kindergarten as this is our first year). It takes a lot of time and work to find all the material for my daughter, but to me it is well worth it!!

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