Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Kindergarten Week

I have decided to do this post by week other than by day, because doing it daily only seemed as a chore. So I will just give the curriculum for the week. These lessons will be stretched throughout the week, not accomplished on one day.

Language/Phonics-Letters E and F (last week I tried a letter a day,but that was to
fast for Diva Queen, so I slowed it down to two
letters a week)

Math-Numbers 6-10 and the basic concepts of opposites, and more or less.

Science- The 5 senses (I tried to start this last week, but with still getting our schedule down, we gave and
                                    will try again this week)

Each day we do an extra curricular
Monday is Art- We will make Elephant for "E"
Tuesday is Music-I have a list of "E" Songs
Wednesday is Computer-We will play games either practicing our numbers or Alphabet
Thursday is Cooking-we are making edible playdough out of Peanut Butter and shaping into letters
Friday is Free Art-She gets to choose

I have decided to do a rhyme a week, and this week is Jack and Jill. We will recited it daily and learn rhyming words from the "ill" family. We will also be making a Word Wall for these.

Here is a list of sites used for this week's lessons:

This is where I get some of my letter worksheets. Others from a workbook from Wal-mart.

I found these awesome video's that make letter's fun!!!

Letter E Video | Have Fun Teaching

This is were I got my elephant template:

This is where I got my list of "E" songs:

Peanut Butter Dough:

5 senses:
A complete lesson plan

And here are other worksheets I will use


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