Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Kindergarden Day

Well today we had a much more accomplishing day. We learned the letter "B" and practiced writing and using  the sound. We reviewed over numbers "0,1, and 2" and learned the basic concept of "Before" using story telling worksheets. We used the computer to review letters and sounds, and practice our cutting skills by cutting out shapes. And finally we finished up with beginning our unit on the Five Senses. I know it seems like a lot for a 5 year old, but we have lots of breaks. And right now I have to tell her to go play Lol, cause she's always asking "What next mom!". I hope the enthusiasm last!!

Here is a list of the websites I attained some of our curriculum today. 

We used http://www.starfall.com for computer time. It is a great phonics program that all my children enjoy.

For our some of our number and letter worksheets, I used http://www.beginningreading.com/Free%20Workshe.htm. They have a lot of useful worksheets! I also have a workbook I bought from wal-mart that I use. This is were I got my "Before" worksheets and some of my "B" worksheets.

Scholastic.com has many Lesson Plans for all grade and this is were I got the material and ideas for The Five Senses.

And for our cutting exercise I got the worksheet from www.activityvillage.com

All the websites I use will be also posted in my Curriculum page as well.

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