Monday, August 23, 2010

Not so perfect first day

Well today was a little crazy. It was our first day of homeschool and some how we all slept a little later than normal. No one got up until 9, which is odd cause we are always up at least by 7:30 or 8. I have my basic schedule made up, and it already had to be pushed up because Diva Queen goes to Play therapy for speech and occupational therapy Mon. and Wed. afternoons. So while I planned on starting school at 10 so everyone is awake, had breakfast, and a little time to play, today we had to start at 9 so we could fit every thing in today. Here is our basic Homeschool Schedule:

10-11 Language/Phonics
11-12 Play break then either art, computers, music, or cooking
12-1 Lunch and outside play
1-3 Naps and Math when awake
4 Science or Social Studies (rotating weekly)

So everything had to be moved up an hour today, and math was done when we got home from play therapy, which is from 1-3. Oh and plus we went to the library before home. So two children with no nap, needless to say were grumpy. Plus I've been having very uncomfy contractions all day.

In the end, we wound up skipping science all together. We had plan on learning about our five senses. Oh well, I guess the good thing about homeschooling is the ability to be flexible.

But at least for the day we did accomplish the letter "A" writhing and sound, the numbers 0,1, and 2 writing and counting pictures and writing correct number, and the basic skill of After with storytelling pictures.

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