Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning Surprise

Oh, my!!! I can not believe how mad I can possibly get at my children!!!! I Love them, I do, but some time I just wanna.....OOOooooo!!! It's my own fault, I have to say. There are consequences to being a lazy parent, and that is exactly what I was this morning LAZY! I heard Crazy Man and Diva Queen get up this morning, then the baby woke up. My husband got up and let the dog out, while I gave the baby a bottle. My husband turned cartoons on for the kids, then came back to the room with me. After the baby was done with his bottle, we three laid back down and cuddled up. We could hear the children playing and then a few min. later my husband went and checked on them, and they were fine so he came back and cuddled with me for a few more minutes. We should have got up. Oh my wonderful Lord why didn't we get up!!!! Well when we did 15-20 min. LATER, both of them were sporting new haircuts!!! GGggrrrr!!!! The worst part, besides the obvious, is we just got their hair cut LAST week!! And my daughters hair was soooo cute! Everyone was giving her compliments. She had it cut to her chin and fluffed in the back. It was freakin adorable, and now she has choppy bangs and gaps on the side. It's not fixable. She is gonna have to wear a head band for a long time until it grows out enough to fix it :( My son's was not quite as horrible. I was able to salvage his bangs, although it still looks bad since his bangs are soo short, but I really do not want to buzz it off.

So what about you? Any haircut horror stories about the kiddos?


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  2. New follower from Saturday Stalk! So sorry about the hair affair yesterday. All I can say is it will grow out but I'm sure that's not much comfort lol Drop by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  3. LOL my only horror story is my own. My cousin cut my hair as a child. I still have to endure the stories and the pics of it. So it's an age old situation that happens. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out.