Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a Blah Day :(

So today is just not so good for me. I have the couch prison blues, and my nerves are on end. I have been on light bed rest for three weeks, and I'm going crazy!!! My house is a disaster area!!! My husband is not the cleaning type. Not to put him down in any way. He works during the day, comes home and cooks dinner, gets the kids ready for bed, and waits on me hand foot, but getting him to clean up the kitchen is not seeming to happen. And how can I complain!!!! Poor guy! But I hate it my kids are not living in "my quality cleaning". I am allowed to get up a little now and then, but managing laundry, slightly tidying the living room, fixing lunch, and "trying to keep the kids out of trouble, more than wears me out. The last thing we need is for my new monkey in the making to be two months early!! And sometimes I think my kids get some sort of mental fax that mom is frazzled today, so how can we make it worse!!??!! I know not true, I'm sure they are acting normal, while everything just seems to be dramatized in my mind. I am ready for my hubby to be home!!! And ready to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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