Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introductions Pleas.....

So to get started on my new blogging adventure, I thought it be appropriate to introduce you to my family. We are a family of 5 with one on the way. My Mr. Independent who is 6, my Diva Queen is 5, and wild man is 2. We are a crazy blended family, where my oldest is mine from my first marriage, and he lives with his father, and my daughter is my husband's with his first marriage, and we have custody of her. So there are two other families we have to deal with. It gets crazy, but we all make it work (well some). Soon we will start another adventure, in which I plan on homeschooling Diva Queen, at least for kindergarten, and then we shall she what she wants to do after that. Then another (adventure), at the end of Sept. (hopefully he waits that long!!!!) which we'll be welcoming our 4th child to our crazy world. (Poor thing :p) So I hope you enjoy following us on our many adventures, seeing our happy and accomplished moments, and hearing me rant about our not so happy moments. I look forward to hearing from other who know what we are going through, and those who just like to put their two cents in. Happy Reading!!!

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